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Set in a stunning setting which deserves every bit of love and attention to detail that it recieves; we embody the feel of the Darley Mills and we respect it's heritage. WE always strive to bring comfort and familiarity to our gym, something you may not have felt in similar settings before.

6 Tips For A Healthier You

An insightful look into your body

You'll see a lot in fitness about how much you should do this or that, or avoid certain things - it can be overwhelming. Ironically, we always overlook the simple things.

Being healthy shouldn't be daunting nor confusing. In fact, it should be a fun way for you to relieve stress. We want to help you no matter where you are on your journey to being healthier; whether elite athlete or day one beginner.



Drinking water is so imperative for staying healthy, energized, and even losing weight. Water is the best energy drink, it actually boosts your metabolism, and thirst is often disguised as hunger.


Top To Toe

The mind and the body are synonymous. Aim for 15 minutes of exercise and 15 minutes of intellectual curiosity per day to maintain synergy and optimal health.


Scales Can Fail

The human body is one incredibly complex piece of machinery. There are things goin in and out, transforming, and dissolving all the time. As a result, your weight can fluctuate wildly over 24/48 hours.


Hormones Are Real

Hormones affect all aspects of human function. They dictate mood, allowing us to be upbeat and on top of the world, or depressed and tired. Being aware of them can only help on your health journey.


What's a Calorie?

Quality of food is more important than quantity of calories. Your brain is looking for nutrients, not calories, and it will prod you to keep eating until you are satisfied.



you know yourself better than anyone. Set realistic and chievable goals. You don't have to become an exercise fanatic, but nobody can sweat for you. As Hippocrates said, walking is the best medicine.